The Talents Of Haase In The Maze Runner

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Currently on VOD from MarVista, TERRORDACTYL is the dinosaurs from space movie equivalent of a Sharknado/Attack Of The Block mix up tape. Set in modern-day LA, a band of hapless heroes battles a horde of prehistoric flying dinos with everything from automatic weapons to incendiary grenades. Directed by Don Bitters III, who did visual effects work on The Maze Runner, this B-lisiouces flick features the talents of Christopher Jone Jennings, Kevin Keator, and Bianca Haase. Fans of the Hot Tub Time Machine Series will defiantly recognize the many talents of Haase. While not as revealing has Jacob's future girlfriend Sophie, Haase defiantly draws attention anytime she's on-screen. Keator and Jennings do an admirable job of portraying everyday
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