Essay on The Talents of Ramses the Second

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Architecture, literature, and the sculpture of 7.25 ton granites busts are all talents of Ramses II, and all of which paved his way to fame, power, and an eternal profile that was misunderstood by historians around the world. A man of many talents and achievements, Ramses II was as calculating as he was skilled. He managed to raise an empire to greatness, promote himself to a position of power so that no opponent would ever dare to challenge his reign, and (accidentally) fool historians everywhere centuries after his death. How did he do it? He did it through public promotions, careful calculating and planning, and the sheer power of Egyptian intelligence. Ramses II has plenty of historians fooled that he was a pride drinking ruler, hungry for power and excessively caught up in his own crave for omnipotence. He was not, in fact, the man of this profile that we ever-so imprudently affixed upon him, but a great leader, and the ruler of an unchallenged era of prosperity.
Ramses II was calculating. Ramses II was intelligent. He promoted himself to a ruler for reasons that at first only he understood. Ramses II “brought back the ancient practice of elevating the pharaoh into a god” (source C), which is understandably viewed as a controversial sign of hubris. If readers of the encyclopedia entry from which this excerpt was taken read on, though, they would discover the much-overlooked explanation quote that followed: “a gesture that made him seem even more magnificent to his…

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