The Taliban Of Afghanistan Since The United States

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Before the US invasion, life for the population of Afghanistan was hell under the rule of the Islamic fundamentalist Taliban. This imposed reactionary religious restrictions and the suffocating social relations under the death penalty with a savagery that was recorded in the collective memory of the world through the stoning in stadiums against women accused of "crimes" like adultery. In addition, the Taliban imposed a feudal economic relations that kept shackled and impoverished peasants. While his schedule sometimes entered strong conflict with that of the United States, essentially the Taliban did not object to the general rule of Afghanistan by imperialism. In fact, he had been eager to make deals with the United States on pipelines and on other fronts. After the September 11, 2001, the Taliban government in Afghanistan did not become intolerable for the US imperialists because of its completely reactionary nature and all the horrors it brings to the people of Afghanistan. Indeed, a factor that contributed to the rise of the Taliban and other Islamic fundamentalist forces were economic support, military organization and provided the Islamic Mujahideen from the United States and Saudi Arabia (on many occasions by the Pakistani intelligence services) in their fighting against the Soviet Union in the 80s when the United States sought to beat a rival imperial power and more control over the Middle East and Central Asia. Moreover, the US government directly supported the
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