The Talk Of Gun Violence

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Have you ever heard of gun violence? If you ask somebody that question you will probably hear a sarcastic laugh and regret the debate you just started. It is something that has widely taken over media. It doesn 't matter where are you are, the barber shop or on your couch watching TV. The talk of gun violence is in everything you do. Monica Davey writes this article to get Americans to realize the tragedies that are taking place in Chicago. Davey begins the article with "CHICAGO — In a city wrestling with a rise in gun violence and turmoil in its police department, August seemed like the longest month." With this opening statement, she pulls the audience in with the ultimate question of "Why?" It entices the reader to go down further in the article to figure out what the turmoil is and why Chicago is in a time of desperation. As a reader myself I instantly began to wonder what was happening within the city. Fellow Americans need to understand what they are going through, and she wrote with a tone that would cause the readers to become concerned. This article is meant to be read by others besides citizens in Chicago. It is a cry for help, and an insight into what people are going through because of gun violence. I and many others live in rural towns, safe, family areas and we have no clue what these cities are going through. We cannot relate to something that we haven 't experienced. Davey uses her words to influence the readers to try to sympathize and understand what the…

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