The Taming Of The Shrew By William Shakespeare

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In the play The Taming of the Shrew by William Shakespeare, it focuses on two sisters who must get married however, the oldest must get married first. Here, Shakespeare presents to the audience, Katharina Minola. Katharina is portrayed as an outspoken and stubborn woman. In the play, Kate cannot find a husband because of her aggressive personality, the men speak negatively about her and believe she is not a fit woman to marry. Although, in the play it may seem like Kate will never find a husband, she undergoes impressive change from being outspoken to a married submissive wife. Kate’s transformation reveals how a woman must lose her individuality to become married and accepted by society.
Through the play, Kate is an outspoken and
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It is clear that Kate refuses to ever fit the modern wife, she believes she is as equal as any man in the village.
Kate’s outspoken opinions causes other characters to dislike her and find her to be a bad example of a woman for society. The men around the town do not speak kindly of her, although Petruchio would disagree and think differently. She is classified as “a shrewd ill-favored wife” (I.ii.59). It can be inferred that the men in the town believe she is not a good example as a wife or would ever be fit to marry. Her being a feminist is not a positive trait to have in this time period because were believed to be obedient wives who obey their husbands and never question what their lover says. She is a woman whose views are “extolling the principle of male dominance and female subjection as a law of nature” (Hibbard 378). Kate speaks up for herself and she is a strong believer in equality for both sexes in the relationship. She is classified as “a most impatient devilish spirit” (II.i.151). Here, men begin to call her this because she strikes another man for not agreeing with his point of views. The men found it to be highly disrespectful, this reveals an example of Kate’s outspoken and aggressive traits. The characters opinions of Kate are negative because of her actions and beliefs in equality between sexes.
Kate’s strong
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