The Taming Of The Shrew By William Shakespeare Essay

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The Taming of the Shrew by William Shakespeare was written in the latter years of the Elizabethan Era. In this play, Shakespeare looks at the themes of womanhood, patriarchy, courtship, and marriage, which are topics prevalent in Elizabethan Era. Amongst citizens, the topics hold strict beliefs in the public space. This play that illustrates a woman with such self-control and individualism, get forced into the life of a weak woman beholden to her husband. A once strong and domination female character is broken by the methods of taming. On the other hand, a very silent woman, Bianca, Katherine’s sister, is placed in marriage based on a romantic interest, which contrasts the very likes of the narrative of arranging marriages during this time period. Being very political in his writing Shakespeare never shies away from presenting ideas very much embedded into the everyday life of England’s citizen at the time through the mockery of characters or by having readers question these practices or ideas based on his deliberate word play; with the marriages of Katherine and Petruchio, and Bianca and Lucentio, he is able to criticize the practices and contrast the different styles of marriage, one being very widespread at the time and one beginning to emerge.
Patriarchy is very prevalent in the Elizabethan era. Men were seen as superior beings to women, who are seen as the weaker of the two. Hierarchy in families took on patriarchal structures as well: “It has plausibly been
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