The Taming Of The Shrew By William Shakespeare

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The Taming of the Shrew by William Shakespeare will appeal to Kalidasa because most of his plays are based on Puranas and this play can be used to show the values of Hindu Puranas and respect toward the deities. Hindu Puranas, ancient Indian literature about myths and legends, like Mahabharata teach the society about deed, religion, respect, knowledge, and royalty. Kalidasa can use Shakespeare’s play to reteach Mahabharata’s values, since the play presents themes of wealth, gender role, religious belief, respect, status, and fashion, which are very closely ideal with the Puranas’ concept and teachings. Along with the Puranas, Kalidasa’s name means the “servant of Kali” which can suggest he was a follower of the deity Durga, who evolved in the form of Kali to destroy the demons. Based on Hinduism, Durga is mother of goddess, who has embodied 108 avatars to provide protection, salvation, and enjoyment to human kind. Also, Durga is the Mother of the Universe, who is caring and loving, but also has the capability to be violent based on need in the form of Kali. Since, Kalidasa is a devoted follower of Durga/Kali, he would want to show a play, whose character personifies the sprit of Durga/Kali. Katherine is the perfect example of the deity Durga/ Kali because she has the capability to fight and conform to the societal norm based on need. Both Durga and Katherine goes through metamorphoses in their life in order to fulfill a goal of whether fighting demons or conforming to be
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