The Tampa Museum Of Art

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For this project, I chose the Tampa Museum of Art. My daughter Annabelle, who is eleven, accompanied me. She is an aspiring young artist who loves to paint and assemble collages. This paper will describe our trip, the museum’s activities, and what was on exhibit. After which, I will choose two works of art and preform an analysis on them. I will employ the formal elements and the principles of design to engage the first piece, “The Great Journey”. With my second choice “A Group of Cubans who left Manzanillo are Rescued at Sea”, I will discuss how applying an alternative contextual analysis would help in understanding the meaning behind the painting more. The museum was celebrating “Family Day” as well as Hispanic Heritage Month, so Annabelle and I were able to enjoy all the special activities that were being held. She was able to partake in all the art making activities e.g. drawing and painting different objects with different media. After Annabelle was finished, we watched the Sones de Mexico, a group of Hispanic children from all around the bay area. The group of dancers performed traditional dances from all over the different regions of Mexico. The dances were honestly astounding and beautiful to watch. All the time and effort that those young children put in, just to learn the dances is remarkable. Furthermore, the fact that they are working so diligently to keep their heritage alive and thriving here in the US is inspiring. My daughter and I
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