Essay on The Tang Dynasties in China

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China is one of ancient countries still remained on earth, and this country has almost Five thousand years history. During this time period, China had been repeating unified and separated, and wars were never stopped. Everytime China unified as a one country the new dynasty is formed and there are almost twenty dynasties has formed. And some of dynasty could divided with south and north and many small kingdoms. Tang dynasty is one of significant dynasty and widely influenced in Chinese history, because this is one of dynasty that are rich and powerful. Even today, most of chinese people like to call themselves as “Tang People 唐人“. when we ask chinese people anything about the Tang dynasty, people would speak out with several different…show more content…
During the rebellion of Sui government Li,shimin exhibit his talent on war and gain more military exploit and contribute a lots. Liyuan consider to replacing crown prince Li,jiancheng with Li,shimin. But his concubines were against this idea, that they are more pro to Li,jiancheng than Li,shimin. Li,jiancheng has good relationship with Liyuan’s concubines, he always offering fortunes to them. Li,shimin was different with his two brothers, he is not offering any fortunes to Liyuan’s concubines and he also not help their brother to get government jobs. however, he is not doing any favorite to Liyuan’s concubines, they are always said good thing about Li,jiancheng and bad thing about Li,shimin. Meanwhile, Li,shimin gain more reputation in the military and gain more exploits so this alerts Li,jiancheng and Li,yuanji so they aligned together to against li,shimin. And Li,yuan also try to help Li.jiancheng, when Li,jiancheng and li,yuanji tells Liyuan that Li,shiming might rise coup d’etat, and suggested liyuan that they should kill Li,shimin, Liyuan said nothing about it. Because of this silent, that they believed this is conformation. Li,jiancheng and Li,yuanji planning to kill Li,shimin. First, they groups their own armies, and hiring good military general, Li,yuanji try to hire from Li,shimin’s military general with alot of fortunes, when this is not work, he was try to separate Li,shimin and his military general, he talks to Liyuan, let him
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