The Tanks Of World War II

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Patrick Easler
Professor Pfister
Hist 4344
3 December 2014
The Tanks of World War II World War II was the first war to heavily employ tanks. The tanks ranged in variety for each of the individual nations. It has been said that the German Panzer tank was top dog on the battle field during the war but especially at the beginning of the war. This statement although true is not because the common belief that they were built better than other nation’s tanks but because German strategy and the preparedness of the tanks themselves and the crews operating them was vastly better than competing nations such as France and the Soviet Union. The first tank was initially invented in World War 1 by Britain. Tanks in the First World War represented a brilliant idea but a poor execution. The tanks of that war moved at about a walking speed and constantly needed repairs because of how undependable they were. After the war however the Tanks offensive potential was recognized and each nation began research into a better tank to avoid the deadlock imposed on the last war due to modernized weapons and old time tatctics. Luckily tanks are in fact vehicles and were often made by similar plants as cars were, this meant ss the automotive industry advanced with new engines, new transitions, new ways of breaking so did the Tanks by association. It was not however until the start of the second war that the design of tanks truly advanced in improvements, weaponry, and armor. But as these innovations

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