The Target Is You: An Analysis of Hollister's Marketing Strategies

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The Target Is You: Hollister Executive Summary The aim of this paper is to provide an insight into Hollister Co.’s marketing communications and assess whether it successfully targets my demographic of young, male recent college graduates. The paper will first introduce Hollister and provide a brief company history as well as outlining the challenges in reaching out to consumers such as myself who differ from the brand’s intended targets. It will then segue to discussing Hollister’s position within the market and any outlying challenges the brand has navigated through. Characteristics such as income, age, behaviors, emotions, occupation, and location will be addressed as they pertain to the company’s target audience. The paper will then…show more content…
Geographically, Hollister attracts individuals who live in both urban areas (such as myself) but also in suburban areas that have close access to malls or similar large shopping centers. The audience most likely to buy Hollister products is typically popular, good-looking, and seeking to make a fashion statement since the brand prominently features its name on its apparel. In terms of behaviors, Hollister consumers shop together in groups and tend to dress similarly. I differ from these psychographic and behavioral breakdowns because I prefer to purchase clothes alone without any input from friends. I am also less reliant on fashion trends and prefer to define my own style. As alternatives to Hollister, customers likely consider brands located in the surrounding areas such as American Eagle, Forever 21 or Urban Outfitters. The choice to purchase Hollister, however, involves buying into the company philosophy and history. Hollister, similar to other Abercrombie subsidiaries, devised a fictional company history to aid in its credibility and marketing. Abercrombie designed a character, John Hollister, who founded the company in Southern California in 1922 after years of travelling the world. The brand also positioned itself as a sponsor of surfing contests and events in seaside California cities such as Santa Cruz and Huntington Beach. While these creative concepts remained fictitious, they became powerful assets in

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