The Target Market Of The Middle Age Older Segment

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Advertising A. To reach the target market of the middle age-older segment (30-65 years of age) that needs to be used in different sources of advertising. 1. Billboards a. Prime time is located near Highway 92 in Tampa, Flordia. Billboards are a great advertising tool to reach the many tourists that are traveling with in the Tampa area. These billboards will be able to reach a large population with in the desidered target market. More often then not, Families and couples that are vacationing are in middle to high class and can afford a five-star restaurant. The billboards can display the general information for the daily viewing but will add announcements on the board about various events such as the event for cancer. 2. Emails a. Emailing out about the company and the event that is being put on will reach another large section of the target market. Today technology is a huge part of how a vast majority of people receive their information. Emailing about the event and sending the information out to pervious customers can catch their attention to attend the event. Going into the Database managment system can help with contacting the public about the event. 3. Social Media sponsored ads a. instragram i. Instagram is a social media site that people are able to post pictures with captions. Instagram is a huge social media outlet that is used by varies age groups. Posting a picture on the official instagram about the event and restaurant can persuade people to attend.
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