The Target Of This Literature Review Essay

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The target of this literature review is to study what literature is presented on the research topic. This chapter will focus on BIM, project scheduling and on how these both topics can work mutually. The literature objective is to explore and discover what is already researched by researchers. By reading lots of journal more knowledge is gained and can apply to the thesis. All of the information was collected from UNITEN library, and also from the published journals such as Science Direct, IEEE and so on that registered with the university.
2.2 BIM Capabilities

BIM is a new technology that should be implementing on the construction industry. U.S. General Service Administration or known as GSA is more categorical in their definition of BIM which is:
“The purpose of BIM is to make the design information explicit, so that the design intent and program can be immediately understood and evaluated. A BIM-based approach fortifies ‘on demand’ generation of documents such as drawings, lists, tables, and 3D renderings from a consistent BIM. In a sense, these documents present views of the current BIM. A BIM model, therefore, can live longer, contribute more to process efficiency, and provide superior accuracy than traditional 2D CAD drawings”.
BIM is the interpretation from traditional 2D model to 4D model which is scheduling using database through the building lifecycle. 4D BIM model links to the 3D elements with the project delivery timeline…

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