The Target Strategy Of Wal Mart

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• Undifferentiated Target Strategy:
Wal-Mart has an undifferentiated approach that stresses its low costs. This universal message is delivered through all of its communications. This makes it easy for the audience to know what to expect. Small companies more often emphasize local involvement and a personalized experience. Message consistency also enables better word of mouth development, as all customers see the same things.

• Concentrated Target Strategy:
Providing the largest selection of hybrid vehicles in its make, carrying a reputation for reliable cars, and by being one of the first car manufacturers to enter the hybrid market, Toyota was successful in grabbing a large market share in the small segment. By capturing the largest market share for hybrid vehicles, Toyota will not face as much difficulties when we enter the market of electric vehicles because its hybrid vehicles have proved to be a leader in innovating new opportunities for drivers. Toyota is a great example of concentrated marketing because it has successfully dominated a large share in the small segment of hybrid vehicles.

• Multi-Segmented Target Strategy:
Disney mainly targets children and their families, it uses the multi-segmented targeting strategy which is when a firm chooses to serve two or more well-defined market segments. Disney intrigues people of all ages; whether it is a child, teen, or parent. For small children, it has its animation films, toys and other goods from their consumer…

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