The Target Student With Ebd And Ld

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The target student with EBD and LD was working with his classmate and playing bingo. The student was reviewing the multiplication facts. The target student was seated at the back of the classroom, so that he will not distract the entire class. The learning support teacher was standing next to him, encouraging him to play. With her support, the student participated very well during the activity and stayed on task longer with less misbehavior. Unfortunately, when she was absent for a brief time, the student was distracted and did not engage with his classmates. Plus, he kept looking around the room until the learning support came over to help him. Overall, adult support has a significant influence in supporting students with disabilities to be independent learners and be prepared for life outside the school.

This interview of four teachers and parents showed surprisingly positive feedback about inclusion. Both parents of children with disabilities and non-disabilities had positive attitudes toward inclusion. Parents with non-disabled children said that their children became more educated about other disabilities, more empathetic toward students with disabilities, and also improved their self-esteem. A parent who a child with Autism said that the reason for enrolling her daughter in a general education was that she hopes her daughter to become more social and reduce her disability over time. The majority of general education teachers demonstrated
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