The Tarrant County Courthouse : A Beautiful Structure Full Of Historical Importance

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The Tarrant County Courthouse is a beautiful structure full of historical importance that deserves to be treasured. Tarrant County is the story of Indian battles, cattle drives, gunfights, and plantations. Railroads and high-tech assembly lines all happened here. The mission of Tarrant County Historical Commission is to “ensure that the story is saved, and savored for generations to come.” The commission meets regularly six times a year. Commissioners court, appoints two year terms. Commissioners operate their own by-laws, and are in close association with the Texas Historical Commission in Austin. “Tarrant County’s businesses today reach around the globe and the county’s commercial and industrial airports are among the country’s foremost international gateways.” Tarrant County was named after Edward H. Tarrant, a military commander, Texas Ranger, and an Indian fighter who was the man responsible for the removal of most Indians who lived in the area. In the 1870’s, Tarrant County was in a period of prosperity and economic depression. Of course, the cattle and railroads played a huge part of this decade. The trail drivers needed supplies and entertainment and Tarrant County offered both. Between 1890 and 1917, the era of the long cattle drives ended, with new developments such as the windmill, and more farmers moved into the area. New farms started to appear, and crops were filled with cotton, corn, and wheat. Population of the county grew from 41,142 in 1890 to 152,800 in

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