The Task Environmental Factors Of Chatime And Ding Tea

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Before we compare Chatime and Ding Tea, we need to find out the task environmental factor that cannot be affected by both companies. The most important element that can find in task environmental factor is customers. Customers is the people who purchase the goods or services produced by a particular organization (Ang, 2015). Customers impact the organization through their purchasing patterns, tastes, and responses. Therefore, customers is the most critical part in task environmental factor. Based on the observation in CityONE Megamall, most of the people there are age around 20 to 30 which is also known as young people. People who are age around 20 to 30 usually prefer goods and services that are slightly different from other and often with lower price. Therefore, to gain high market share in CityONE Megamall, a firm needs to set the price lower or produce goods and services that are unique. Customers’ occupation are another critical point in gaining competitive advantage for a firm during competition. Different occupation consumer needs different goods and services from sellers. For example, a blue collar worker will buy normal clothes to wear for work, but a company president will buy expensive clothes. Potential customers in CityONE Megamall mostly are students. Students always look for special goods and services with lower price. Since potential…show more content…
Chatime introduces their own membership called Thirstea members to all people in order to gain customers’ loyalty. Chatime also provides few promotions that are only for Thirstea members to let them felt that they are special and continues to support Chatime on their ThirstDay Deal event that only open for Thirstea members. In this event, members can obtain their second cup of beverages with only RM1.10 and it is only on every Thursday from 3:00p.m. to 6:00p.m. This is to let customers who are more sensitive to prices felt that this is the best choice for them to go for

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