The Tasks Of A Freelancer

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As 16th April is observed as Stress Awareness Day and April as Stress Awareness Month, I wish to share a few tips that can help you all, specifically freelancers, to lead a stress free and happy life. Nevertheless, stress is often contemplated as negative feeling, but preparing yourself to reducing and pacing with it is the gateway to many great opportunities.

The tasks of a freelancer, is a slackly-defined amalgam of projects, tasks, time, and a plethora of other responsibilities to stretch you in all direction possible. There are times, it often happens to me, when it all gets too much to handle and you burry under the weight of what seems to be almost impossible. Any freelancer at some stage of his/her career is going to encounter such situation. But such moments of anxiety are like water bubbles which fade away instantly. To alleviate stress and remain focused on your business you can do a lot in your daily life. Here are some tips that have always worked as panacea for me.

1. Optimistic Thinking: Positive thinking is a powerful weapon in weeding out the negative vibes. Going Orwellian is not the solution, it means you appropriately address the negative and emphasize the positive.

2. Take it lightly: Most of your worries are not within your control, especially if you are a freelancer. Let the worries go. There is no point of worrying over something that is beyond your territory.

3. Relax: Take time off your schedule to learn some relaxation techniques and
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