The Tata Group: Business Overview

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Background The Tata Group founded its roots in Indian history almost a hundred years prior to its independence from England. It was established in 1868 as a trading firm by Jamsetji Tata in Bombay. (Tata, 2012). A single textile mill marked the journey of business prosperity for the Tata generations in 1874 during the time of the British Raj. Even till today, the Parsi group has always retained ownership. With its ancestral roots in the Zoroastrian community, Tata Group has been the creator of entire industries in India. Before the arrival of independence in the Indian realm, the Tata brand was synonymous to being a pioneer across a spectrum of versatile and diverse market segments. From the first luxury hotel (1903), first airline (1932), the first private steel company (1907), and the first national software entity (1968), the Tata name is one revered in Indian society. Through the formation of its two promoter companies, Tata Sons and Tata Industries; it aimed to give back to society and make charitable contributions. (Crainer, 2010). The founder of the Tata business group had had a vision. He had a dream where a sanctuary was available for the average Indian to come and stimulate his mind through the magic of science. Jamsetji Tata wanted to create a haven of education where Indians could explore their potential. Seven years after his death, the Indian Institute for Science in Bangalore was incorporated in 1911. This would be the first amongst a faction of learning

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