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The Tattoo Industry The tattoo industry is an often type cast field, in many instances it is thought of as a delinquent activity carried out in remote and filthy cesspools of social deviancy by large hairy burly men who cant get a "real" job due to past felonious activity. I hope to shoot this popular misconception full of holes. One will find through experience only that this is truly not the case, these are legitimate places of business, ran n accordance to all health ordinances by law abiding citizens. I have targeted a tattoo studio on Bessemer avenue, by the creative name of "Inkslingers." As a matter of fact I received three of five tattoos here by Kevin Spainhour who is also the subject of my…show more content…
All four walls of this room are covered from the floor to the ceiling with flash. Flash are the pictures and designs that the studio provides for customers to choose from. Each section of flash is about the size o a piece of notebook paper and can have anywhere from one to forty different pictures on them. The studios are usually rather protective of these as each page costs anywhere from two to seven dollars. Of course customers do not have to chose their tattoo from the flash, they can bring in their own pictures from the internet, television, magazines, even your very own artwork or drawings. Their repetuar consisted of hundreds of different things tribal desighns, flowers, surreal objects and scenery, skulls, an assortment of animals, and any number of other things. It was quite impressive. From this room the piercing room branches off. Inside there is a reclining dentist's chair, a counter, and cabinets. It's full of medical grade equipment, sanitizing solutions, and Dixie cups. It is really not that much difference in appearance to an ordinary examining room that would be found at any reputable doctor's office, with the exemption of the pictures of past piercings pinned to the walls. The last main room has a large pool table and a coke machine. There are four doors in this room one leading to the bathroom, and the others leading to small tattoo roooms. The rooms are decorated
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