The Tax Reform : The National Sales Tax

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The Answer to Tax Reform: The National Sales Tax Recently, the public and the government of the United States have been at odds with each other over many enforced fiscal policies. Whether one believes that the answer to the nation’s economical crisis is an increase taxation of the wealthy one percent, or the leveling of the tax rate, every concerned citizen is searching for a solution. Typically, in American politics, the liberal side of the political scale believes that the wealthy should contribute more to the nation’s tax income. This idea centers on the notion that a lower tax rate on the poor will ease their burden and allow them to purchase more products; meanwhile, the rich will support the tax deficit from the lower classes with their own vast amounts of wealth. Opposite liberals, there is the conservatives. They will typically advocate for a tax break for business owners (wealthy or otherwise) or a more even tax rate across the socioeconomic classes. This outlook is supported by the idea that if the upper one percent of the U.S.A. is flourishing, it will produce more jobs and opportunity for the middle and lower class. Regardless of who is consulted, many people in today’s more liberal society will agree with higher taxation of the rich. However, there is a growing number of people in the United States that believe that the answer to solving the economic crisis is to abolish the current income tax and replace it with a national sales tax. By installing a national
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