The Tax System Of The United States

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Taxes are a required aid from individual incomes or business profits collected by the government that funds certain actions and services provided by the government for the people. Taxes in the United States originated in the 1760s. The current tax system the country has is a progressive tax. A progressive tax is a tax system where higher incomes tax at higher percentages than those with lower incomes. The tax system that was anticipated that the economy should switch to is a flat tax. A flat tax is a system where all income would pay the same percentage towards taxes regardless of how much money they make. This is a major controversy due to the major impacts switching the current tax system would have on the nation’s economy as a whole. Liberals commonly believe in the government taking action to achieve equal opportunity and equality for all (Conservatives vs Liberal Beliefs, 2010). Liberals generally support the progressive tax system the economy has in place over the suggested flat tax system. Progressive taxes uphold the principles of equality for the reason that it allows all citizens to sacrifice equally according to their income and it gives them equal opportunity as well. (Debate: Progressive Tax vs Flat Tax, 2010) Liberals that support a progressive tax argue that it is compatible with capitalism because it does not advocate that the means of production and distribution ought to be controlled by the community as a whole nor does it
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