The Tax System Of The United States

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Taxes are a required aid from individual incomes or business profits collected by the government that funds certain activities and services is provided by the government for the people. Taxes in the United States can be originated all the way back to the 1760s. The current tax system the country has is a progressive tax. A progressive tax is a taxation system where higher incomes get taxed at higher percentages than those with lower incomes. The tax system that has been proposed that the economy should switch to is a flat tax. A flat tax is a system where all income would have to pay the same percentage towards taxes regardless of how much money they make. This has been a major controversy because of the major impacts switching the…show more content…
Also, as income increases, households have more and more income that is not spent on basic necessities and thus can afford to pay more taxes, unlike those with lower incomes. In other words, a progressive tax helps the government gain revenue to support its society. As a result of people with higher incomes paying more money to the government, access money can go to those people who can 't afford to help themselves. In addition, it helps create programs for medical services, fund public education, housing assistance and other welfare programs. This revenue enhances the opportunities for its lower and middle class citizens (History and Debate of Progressive Tax). Nonetheless, some conservatives think that progressive tax is socialist wealth redistribution and state theft because of what the access revenue is put towards. Conservatives also think that progressive tax is unacceptable because it creates a sense of class warfare, where the poor and rich don 't get along with each other because of the large gap they have in taxes. They also believe the current progressive system hurts wealthy business owners because they are the ones who create jobs, therefore they are vital to the economy and shouldn 't have to pay more because of their success. Many liberals still believe that the
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