The Taxation System Between Australia And Bangladesh

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Compare and contrast the taxation system between Australia and Bangladesh and discuss which system is more effective. The essay should also emphasis on the effectiveness of double taxation treaties of these two jurisdictions.

Taxation is a scheme where one or more individual or a company or a group of companies or similar legal entities paying certain amount of money from income, product or service to the government to progress the country?s infrastructure. The intention of imposition of tax to the residents, either individual or company, by the administration is to help government financially so that government can pursue development task for the country. However, the amount of tax will always depend on the financial stability of a country. To make the taxation scheme more effective, the taxation system and its law necessity to be more effective. Depending on country?s circumstances, taxation system is also very to one jurisdiction to another. However, in this essay, the discussion will focus on the two jurisdictions namely Australia and Bangladesh and the discussion will concern specifically to the function of the two authority to collect tax from two jurisdiction, different number using in two different jurisdiction to identify taxpayer, sources of income tax between this two jurisdiction, accounting system among them, the other sources (apart from income tax) of tax, the system to bring action against the tax authority among the two jurisdiction and…
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