The Taxi Man's Story

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Very good,Madam.Sure,will take you there in plenty good time for your meeting,Madam.This way better,less traffic,less car jams.Half hour should make it,Madam,so not to worry.

What is it you say,Madam?Yes,yes,ha,ha,been taximan for twenty years now,Madam.Long time ago,Singapore not like this–so crowded so busy.Last time more peaceful,not so much taximen,or so much cars and buses.

Yes,Madam,can make a living.So so.What to do.Must work hard if wants to success in Singapore.People like us,no education,no capital for business,we must sweat to earn money for wife and children.

Yes.Madam,quite big family–eight children,six sons,two daughters.Big family!Ha!ha!No good,Madam.In those days,where got Family Planning in Singapore?People
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for services.Some of tourists don’t know where,so I tell them and take them there,and that’s extra money.Ah Madam,if I tell you all,no end to the story.But I will tell you this,Madam.If you have young daughter and she say Mummy I got meeting today in school and will not come home,you must not say,Yes,yes,but you must go and ask her where and why and who,and you find out.Today young people not to trust,like young people in many years ago.Oh,Madam,I tell you because I myself have a daughter–oh,Madam,a daughter I love very much,and she is so good and study hard.And I see her report cards and her teacher write’Good work’and ‘Excellent’so on,so on.Oh,Madam,she my favourite child,and I ask her what she want to be after left school,and she says go to University.None of my other children could go to University,but this one,she is very smart and intelligent–no boasting,Madam–her teachers write ‘Good’and ‘Excellent’,and so on,so on,in her report cards.She study at home,and help the mother,but sometimes a little lazy,and she say teacher want her to go back to school to do extra work,extra coaching,in her weak subject,which is maths,Madam.So I let her stay back in school and day after day she come home in evening,then she do her studies and go to sleep.Then one day,oh Madam,it make me so angry even now–one day,I in my taxi driving,driving along and hey!I see a girl looking like my Lay Choo,with other girls and some Europeans outside a coffee-house but I think,it cannot be Lay Choo,how
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