The Tay Sachs Disease: A Case Study

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Running Head: THE SCOURGE OF TAY-SACHS Trosacks Case Study Name of Student School Interdisciplinary Team The members will be a physician, a geneticist, an ethicist, a lawyer and a nurse. The physician, who is a pediatrician, makes the diagnosis of Tay Sachs. The geneticist, another specialist, provides more specific and applicable information on Tay-Sachs, such as causes and risks, prevention, diagnosis and treatment. These two specialists formulate a plan of care, which a nurse will implement. The ethicist informs them about accepted moral values and the proper human conduct, behavior and decisions in dealing with Tay-Sachs. The lawyer or legal practitioner informs the involved parties about the current laws and court decisions concerning or affecting the management of genetic disorders, such as Tay-Sachs. And the nurse carries out the detailed instructions of the geneticist and pediatrician as well as incorporates the guidelines inputted by the lawyer. The diagnosis of the disease, its cause or causes, stage, treatment and prognosis will be sought from the pediatrician. He establishes and explains the connection between the disease and the patient's family history. He prescribes appropriate medicines and medications to alleviate the patient's symptoms. The moral principles surrounding the couple's decision concerning the disease are contributed by the ethicist. He warns against the double-effect situation in this disease condition. He emphasizes that birth defects
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