The Tea Party, An Uprising Movement

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The Tea Party, an uprising movement, with specific beliefs have made a major political breakthrough in this year due to strategic framing usages and resources. Their framing usages strongly conveys their social and economical perspective and ideology through an extremist and phenomenological approach. Their framing activities influences generalized belief, collective behavior, irrational behavior, experiential commensurability, and specific grievances among the supporters. The supporters are mainly consisted of a particular socioeconomic status while their leaders are mainly elites of politicians and businessmen with an endless right winged network. Concerns of the Tea Party slowly replacing the Republican Party has been expressed and it…show more content…
With that, the Tea Party still frames itself to be a grassroot movement. A grassroot movement, by definition, means an organization supported by “ordinary” people with a non hierarchal foundation (Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary n.d). The re-definition of grassroot then fabricated the belief that the Tea Party is a pure organization, but in actuality, it is not what it seems to be. It is rather an astroturf movement. This re-defining tactic is one of the few framing activities that the Tea Party uses to advance their mobilization potential. The framing and counter framing activities that the Tea Party has been religiously practicing includes: master framing, cultural resonance, empirical credibility, and salience. The effects of these framing notions advances toward an acceptance or a rejection, but for this movement, it strives for public acceptance and admittance for their reformist beliefs and ideology. These activities are the essential elements to carry through the movement’s political agenda. Master framing is a type of frame with an extensive appeal and it can influence biased social constructivism. The Tea Party uses this type of framing to identify their perspective of the problem. They believe that the government has poor handling with public services such as healthcare and there is too much much public taxing. One of their main concerns is the ObamaCare, officially known as the Affordability Care Act, which is phrased as “a hideous
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