The Teacher Has Never Trusted Me With Harold

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This week has been a total suck-fest, up until now. The teacher has finally trusted me with Harold. To be more specific, Harold is a two-pound, completely overweight, greyish brown gerbil. In order to justify his extreme weight, you’d have to explain that Harold had a disorder where he had to eat every four hours (real thing), and exclusively with Snausages (Probably not a real thing [the having to be fed with part not the snausages]). And my teacher has trusted me with Harold for the three-day weekend, a result of over qualified American holidays. “I’m home!” My mother says, as she walks through the door with our new 1200 watt microwave. Let me start from the beginning. Our parents just won this big raffle for a $1,000 dollar gift card…show more content…
Harold, on the other hand was living in his own crap, mainly because of Simon’s pure neglectance to even give him food or give him the least bit of sanitation. Until we realized that Harold wasn’t in his cage. “Simon Percival Johnson!” I’m almost sure that my shout echoed throughout the entire neighborhood, and I’m completely sure that it bounced around in his head. It took him almost thirty seconds after I had yelled for him to get off of his butt, cheetos spilling all over the floor. That’s Simon for you. I could already tell that he was eating his, umm, probably fourth batch of popcorn, and I could hear his next being made at the moment. But then, what noise I heard next was different from anything I’d ever heard. It was a mix of squeals and the sound of a gunshot. Beep beep beep. Your food is ready. I saw those words flash on the microwave screen about a million times before even realizing the horrible mess below. I won’t go into details, but if you have ever seen a horror show, that’s what it looked like. Blood everywhere, bits of fuzz stuck to the inside of the microwave, and two organs, the small intestine, and the even smaller intestine, were visible through the gerbil-covered glass. Yup, my brother microwaved the gerbil to see what would happen. “Cool!” Simon yelled at the top of his lungs, taking pictures of the innocent, now decimated gerbil. Millions of thought were

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