The Teacher Leadership Professional Learning With Jerry T

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I took EDUC-623 Section 007 Teacher Leadership Professional Learning with Jerry T During this class I we read the book Strength-Based Leadership and took the survey StrengthsFinder 2.0 through Gallop which gave me a concrete list of my strengths. This was one of the most profound documents I received during my time at Viterbo. It explained a lot about my professional career path to this point. It showed my why principals put me on certain committees and in particular classrooms. It also helps me service my caseload better. Lindman and Magiera (2014) examined professional learning communities when it came to servicing a student who had cochlear implants. The student was academically and socially successful when the teachers shared responsibility and worked together to plan and deliver instruction. Working together proved so successful they wrote the weekly collaboration meeting into the students IEP for the following year. The general education teacher felt the extra support was an essential in the student’s success. Dever and Lash (2013) also found success when teachers utilized common planning time. The researchers examined what went on during these meeting times. Conversations were focused how they were teaching content material in their classroom. They traded ideas and put together units and assessments. By working together and learning from each other they increased student achievement. This directly relates to what we do in my building. I believe that during my time

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