The Teacher Or Educator Workforce Very Interesting

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I find the topic of the teacher or educator workforce very interesting. From reading the readings on this topic I found this information very informative and I agree with a lot of the information that was presented. The topic really was personal for me because I’m at a point in my education career where I’m considering changing careers completely. Reading about the data presented in the readings was very interesting to me because I could really relate on a personal level. The first topic that I read that stood out the most to me was the topic of explaining the decline in teacher aptitude in the United States. Something that stood out to me was that the pay for aptitude will push high aptitude workers out of the education field. I believe this is true because I know a lot of people who go into education and then after 3 to 4 years they decide that they are just not making enough money and they believe strongly that they can be doing something else that pays more money and will give them a higher quality of life. I also found it interesting that unionization drove high aptitude women in to the field of law or out of teaching. Before reading this article I would have guessed that unionization would help keep teachers with high and low aptitude. Working in education in the state of Michigan the teachers are really supportive of their union so the fact about unionization effecting teacher job rates was very surprising to me. Overall I feel that people who have a high
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