The Teacher Who Changed My Life

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Summer break was over, and it was the time to go back to school to my eleventh grade. School for me wasn’t that different as my summer break. I never felt like not going to school after a long summer break because I used to have a lot of fun in school. School for me was a place where you would socialize, gossip, brag, drive attention, miss conduct, daydream, text students, sing, ask silly questions and flirt with girls. I think now you know how my days at school used to be. However, a day has come that I would not expect it to come at all. I suddenly became a much disciplined student that I would not do anything out of the way. It all happened when I meet my new physics professor Jamal Betar who has wonderful qualities that amaze him from …show more content…
However, he gives the answers for the exam in such a way that they would look very easy and similar to the ones that we did in class. Even though a lot of people fail the exams the curve for the grades helps that it turns out at the end most of the class succeeding. His exams truly indeed gave me discipline to study because when you aim to get a good grade in a hard exam is way better than aiming in an easy exam.
I have always wanted to ask him if he has ever studied psychology in his life because he literally could understand student’s expectations. Betar is a very clever teacher. I have been told that a teacher can never read a student’s mind and I believed that. However, after I meet Betar I do believe now that a teacher could read a student’s mind. Betar is very good in knowing students expectations. Based on what he expects from you he will interact. Especially in case of an argument; he directly supports his point of view with a reasoning that contradicts your thoughts. Betar’s reasoning was always convincing that he never lost an argument. Students in his class are well-behaved after all not for he is a strict teacher, but for his great interactions between the students that nobody wanted to let him down. After I meet Betar I became a new person who would appreciate school and knowledge. My life style at school completely changed I became a very hard-working student. I
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