The Teacher Who Has The Most Experience Among The Five Participants

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Belinda. Belinda is the teacher who has the most experience among the five participants in this study. She has navigated her career path well because she also holds the highest degree among the participants a Specialist in Educational Leadership. Belinda describes her path to teaching as a default to her first choice of working as a computer programmer. She stated “I had no plans in college to become an educator”. She actually became a teacher because of a personal connection to a principal who knew her family and offered her a job to teacher computer skills to high school students. While she accepted graciously, her principal soon found out that she was certified in mathematics which was a higher demanding field. As I listen to her describe this story of becoming a math teacher three years later, I sensed no regrets. Gary. Gary is the youngest of the five participants, but holds a high esteem in his educational accomplishments. He completed a double Master’s Degree in clinical science. Although, Gary knew that he always wanted to teach. He shared “I just didn’t know how soon I would enter the profession”. Gary entered teaching through a rigorous alternative teaching certification program due to his college background in science. He described his alternative certification program as “focused on academic excellence for students”. His work supporting and tutoring students throughout his college career is impressive. He shared that he had always worked
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