The Teacher With Great Determination

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The Teacher with Great Determination

With her purple and animated hair color, she stands no taller than an average kangaroo’s height of about 5’2. Ms. Gold is seen walking around campus with a bright smile that lightens up a stormy day. She always had two phones in her hand with the mountain of work she had great responsibility for. Ms. Gold worked with essential skills students, providing them with care, with warmth and attentions to insure each and every student the same opportunity to grow beyond the bar society have set for students in need. Recently, Ms. Gold became a part of a development at my high school for our first own college for essential skill students called, Opportunity Academies, which provides student with similar learning skills like any other college student would get. Her determination to provide students with higher education has given a group of high school on hope for equal education for all students come true. Ms. Gold was born and raised in Los Angeles, California, with both of her parents and her twin brother. She later moved to Boston where she graduated from Boston University. Growing up, Ms. Gold figured that her life was going to be very different from the rest of the kids her age. She had to face a choking fact about what her life would be like for the next few years. She faced her very first challenges in life, having to acknowledge the reality of the devil, cancer. However, like many other teen who were facing similar challenge, Ms.…
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