The Teacher 's New Role Is Inevitable

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The teacher’s new role is inevitable. It is the challenge of modern times and social needs. In their new role, teachers should support both the students and their parents. Teachers should act as guides for their students and direct them in their individual processes of development, taking into consideration the challenges of the globalisation process. In my article, I would like to explain how teachers role are change in perspective era. Teachers’ role differs from the old "show-and-tell" practices. Now teaching is recognized as one of the most challenging and respected career choices, absolutely vital to the social, cultural, and economic health of our nation. In the fast changing world of the early 21st century public education is also…show more content…
Knowing your students Students change from day to day, they build up new skills, new behaviour, new lifestyle and cultivate new perceptions time to time. That’s why it is for eternity important to be familiar with the children whom you are going to effort with. Teacher can use a inspection, appraisal, analysis, survey to make icebreakers and all kind of activities. Teacher can use hallucination for inspiration or use a free online survey tool to create online questionnaires and have student complete them on computer or other gadgets. It can be great for a course beginning as you can modify it to fit your needs and use it to find out important facts about your new students. Changes that took place in schools have changed the roles of teachers If we focus on the teaching process, we still realise that there are a great number of changes in this field as well, and all of them have an influence on the role of teachers. First of all, teachers in modern classrooms are no longer lecturers, they are facilitators, their main task is to set goals and organise the learning process accordingly. Then, in the past, teachers used to follow a syllabus which was compulsory for them. Nowadays, teachers have a National Curriculum, a Core Curriculum and a local (school) curriculum that they have to consider, but - on the other hand - they have independence to choose the teaching materials
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