The Teacher 's Role For Creating Curriculum

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The Teacher’s Role in Creating Curriculum To be an excellent teacher they need to have many qualities. One of them is that teacher needs to have knowledge. Knowledge is what the teacher know about what they are doing in the program. The framework of the program and the expectations. Teacher can gain more knowledge by attending trainings and conferences. Knowing how to work with the children and families. Intentionality is another element that teachers need. Teachers need to think before their actions. Teachers are thinking about what outcomes they want for the children. They think about the decision they make will help with the child’s outcome. Teacher need to have a good heart in order for them to have good intentions for the children. They should do things for reason or on purpose. Teacher uses variety of ways, experiences, assignments and materials to be sure that their children are achieving all sorts of cognitive development. In order for teachers to be excellent teacher, they need to create a caring community. They can create one by helping children cultivate friendship, sharing, respectfulness, truthfulness, and caring. This teaching is help children, over time, apply these attributes, establishing models who reflect them and supporting families as their primary moral teacher. Fostering positive relationship and building classroom community. Teacher should enhance the development and learning for the children. Teachers need to make sure that the environment is

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