The Teachers Of The World

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Where would we be without the teachers of the world? Young people across the world look to their teachers and instructors as role models, people to learn from and gain a broader knowledge of the world we live in. For many years, the teaching profession has been revered as a highly respected and widely sought after career, which provided instructors with a stable and supportive lifestyle. In recent years, the view of a teaching profession has changed in the eyes of prospective educators and this has left certain parts of the country scrambling to fill a wide array of teaching vacancies. These vacancies have had a severe impact on the qualifications and credentials which administrators are looking for to fill these positions, often times they’ve had to lower the standards required for full-time teaching positions just to find someone to work. This shortage of teachers is having a substantial impact on teaching districts around the country, as well as right here in North Carolina. While school administrators and education professionals understand the necessity of fixing the teacher deficit, the attempt to find a resolution to this dilemma has been futile for the most part. With this on going, decade long battle against nationwide teacher shortage, professionals in the field are still unsure how to resolve this issue. The teacher shortage in the United States has posed an issue for school districts across the nation, but as lawmakers continue to strip this once-respected
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