The Teacher's Role in the Hidden Curriculum

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The Teachers’ Role in the Hidden Curriculum Abstract This paper examines the comments of a class of 27 students of one class. The responses centre around the hidden curriculum related to the role of the teachers and the teaching strategies they use and how they impact the attitudes of the students towards the subjects they teach. Key Words: hidden curriculum, teacher’s role "What you are shouts so loudly in my ears I cannot hear what you say." - Ralph Waldo Emerson Schools spend a valuable time and effort in planning the formal curriculum. They develop systems for effective implementation of the designed curriculum; and then they device methods of formative, as well as summative evaluation to find out, if the objectives set are…show more content…
They play their part not only in the explicit, overt or formal curriculum but also in the implicit, covert, unintended or hidden curriculum. Just because of the teachers learners like or dislike a subject. They like a subject, when the teachers’ explanations are well structured, incorporating fun elements that interest the students; when the explanations are embellished with interesting examples, stories or anecdotes. Students find a subject interesting when the teacher repeats the explanations several times without being sarcastic or rude. Moreover they like a subject when teachers revise the explained matter again and again. They find a subject interesting when teachers incorporate games and fun activities in it. The students like a teacher for reasons that are not explicit part of the formal curriculum. This liking is all based on the implicit or hidden curriculum. Students of the class under study like their teachers when they explain everything well, repeating as needed and then revising often. The students felt that these strategies help them learn things better. They also considered good use of the chalk-board for drawings and explanations as a strategy that help them learn better. Politeness and being fair are also qualities that are valued by these students. The activities which interest the under study class are fun worksheets, art work, social studies worksheets, reading, learning and experiments. In general the activities they

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