The Teaching And Learning Environment

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Section 1: Rationale
The teaching and learning environment has been shifting towards instruction that is learner centric where students construct their own understandings and the curriculum and pedagogy addresses the evolving needs of these learners (Softlink, 2013; O’Connell, 2012a; ASLA, 2013). Schools exist in a changing educational landscape which now centres around the skills of critical thinking and problem solving, communication and collaboration and creativity and innovation (Starkey, 2012; Trilling & Fadel, 2009). Library education now and in the future should be less focused on particular practices of the library, and more on the needs of its users and fostering these skills (Lonsdale, 2003).
Curriculum, technology and pedagogy is required that best supports, engages and develops learners of the 21st century, particularly in terms of preparing students for future endeavours in employment, further education and community participation (O’Connell, 2012b). Ways we can foster this in future planning include:
• Information literacy and inquiry learning
• Technology integration
• Quality collaboration
• Leadership distribution and teamwork
This plan recommends promoting the library as the central hub of the school; a learning environment which provides support for both staff and students and focuses not just on teaching the content, but the skills of how to learn which can be transferred to different key learning areas. Further, these skills must be seamlessly
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