The Teaching Concept Of Banking Education

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Philosophy Statement Essay Introduction Effective teachers are able to meet the student’s individual needs by modifying the curriculum, being involved in the community and involving the parents in the student 's education. I teach in San Luis, AZ, a community composed mainly of Hispanic families and Spanish is the primary language. In order to build a positive relationship with the community and parents, it is important to understand and implement the culture in the curriculum. Setting an open door policy, genuinely listening to concerned parents, and speaking in the family’s native language, allows educators to gain an understanding of their student 's cultural strengths and needs (Johnson, 2004). Teaching In a previous class, praxis, funds of knowledge, and language transferability were key concepts for developing and implementing a multicultural framework that creates a positive environment and promotes academic achievement for all students. Students from diverse backgrounds are encouraged to preserve and embrace their culture and language. Freire (1970/2000) introduces problem posing as an alternative teaching concept to banking education. This approach emphasizes the concept of Praxis, where the teacher-student role is interchangeable to create a “true reflection and action upon reality” (Freire, 1970/2000, p. 84) for transformation. Students also have the power to transform the conditions of their lives. In order to implement the Praxis concept in the classroom, it is
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