The Teaching Philosophy of Exceptional Children

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The teaching philosophy of exceptional children: My teaching career has been spent learning how to provide appropriate support, guidance, patience, & understanding, as well as to enhance academic growth & success, for all students. My purpose as a teacher is to enrich and inspire the lives of young students with moderate/intensive needs by providing access to information instead of functioning as the primary source of information for students to flourish. My teaching methods will be to create an environment ripe with opportunities for discovery and exploration which will allow all students to learn at their own pace, generate questions and construct knowledge, while providing hands-on practice of skills in authentic situations as well…show more content…
The educator can take a holistic approach to teaching and learning, and plan to cultivate all dimensions of the developing child such as moral, social-emotional, physical, creative, psychological, as well as intellectual. Decisions regarding the well-being and education of students must be based on developmentally appropriate practices as well as knowledge of the students’ age and stage, their individual needs, and their family and cultural background (2004). In order to implement developmentally appropriate practices and holistic teaching, a teacher must take the time to know and understand the students – through observation, interaction, active listening and involvement. A teacher should understand how issues of human diversity can impact families, cultures, and schools, and how these complex human issues can interact with issues in the delivery of special education services (2004). A teacher must understand the relationships of organizations of special education to the organizations and functions of schools, school systems, and other agencies (2004). This knowledge can be the ground upon which to construct the teachers own personal understandings and philosophies of special education. To make a student
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