The Teaching Styles of the Apology of Plato an the Gospel of Luke

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Socrates and Luke are both considered to be great educators. They have both influenced countless people with their teachings. However, comparing the two is slightly strange since Socrates is the subject of the story, which is told by Plato, and Luke is the teller of the story of Jesus. A comparison can be made between the two as Socrates is a great teacher while Plato is mostly silent and Luke, while not overly prevalent in the his story can be compared to other accounts of the story of Jesus among which his by far the most didactic. But when you are comparing the two you must keep in mind that you are in actuality comparing four and also that while the story teller is supposed to only be telling you what he saw, he is also telling his…show more content…
So you also, when you have done all that you were ordered to do, say, ‘We are worthless slaves; we have done only what we ought to have done!'" (Luke 17:7-10) Socrates uses much the same method when he is offering a rebuttal to Meletus' accusation that he is deliberately corrupting the young. He says, What follows, Meletus? Are you so much wiser at your age than I am at mine that you understand that wicked people always do some harm to their closest neighbours while good people do them good, but I have reached such a pitch of ignorance that I do not realize this… I do not believe you, Meletus, and I do not believe that any one else will. (Plato 25d-e) Both Jesus and Socrates here have both made fairly convincing arguments for some fairly unconvincing points. Jesus tells the apostles that basically they are slaves and they should like it, while Socrates tries to convince the jury that he has done no harm to the structure of Greek society with his radical philosophies. They manage to argue these unlikely lines of reasoning somewhat successfully by leading the listener through a series of progressing questions with very obvious answers until a fairly unlikely, but seemingly rational conclusion is drawn. Interestingly, this form of education is known as the Socratic method as Socrates was the first to use it. Probably the most

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