The Teachings Of Adversity : What Do You Think About Adversity?

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The Teachings of Adversity What do you think of when you think of adversity? Do you view it as a negative aspect of your life or a learning lesson? I believe there is a lot of confusion when it comes to adversity. There are times when we want to fall to our knees because we feel so helpless to the situations taken place. In other times we feel the need to fight back and want more out of what has taken place. Everyone is different and there is no right or wrong way to handle the obstacles that this crazy life throws at us. In January of 2013, I lost the one best friend I had ever had to a terrible disease. My Nana was diagnosed with colon cancer in April of 2012. As the carrot, I believed that I would be the comfort to my family members. I stayed strong and tough and believed that I couldn’t be broken down. The days began to get longer, the cancer kept getting stronger, and I started getting weaker and softer due to the stress and worry that I wouldn’t have many more days with the best friend I had gained since the day I took a breath of air. Months passed and as the carrot in the boiling water of adversity, I was the soft mushy carrot in the bowl. The month of January came, thee 12th day of January was the day that I knew I wasn’t going to be that hard, tough, and crunchy carrot again. I began to tell my best friend my last words to her as her softened heart began to slow down and her breaths began to become weaker and weaker with every minute. My sister and I weren’t

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