The Teachings Of The Bible

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As I was perusing the library I came across an articulate article that caught my eye. It is an individual’s personal creed called, “I Believe”. It starts by affirming the belief that God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are one in the same. Although I share this belief, I do not condemn others for a different perspective. I am convinced that proclaiming the Gospel and listening to other perspectives can not only be possible, it may be advantageous to increase one’s knowledge. Rachel goes on to say, “I believe in the basic teachings of the Bible with nothing added and nothing taken away” (Abernethy, R. 2001). To have faith in the Bible one must be open to the growth of accumulated assimilations of its contents. The Bible alone holds many religious outlooks, we as Christians can learn from. By being closed off to other religious knowledge we are denying historical data that may open us to a whole new understanding. By allowing a new understanding into our consciousness we are strengthening our assimilation toward a Godly society. “I think God would care if you called him Buddha, Zeus or Allah because those gods represent religions that are distinctly different from the God Christianity is all about” (Abernethy, R. 2001). Christian dialogue with other religious traditions can be a part of the calling to proclaim the Gospel. In order to proclaim the gospel in its true form to other religious sects, one must be open to a meeting of the minds. A common ground so to speak. Are we
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