The Teachings Of The Buddha Give A Clear View Of What The

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The teachings of the Buddha give a clear view of what the author portrays as the best way to live life, according to the Buddha. Through the passage there is a list of important changes that someone can make in their life to completely eliminate suffering and possibly reach a higher mental state. Some questions that could be answered using this passage include: What was life like for people like the author? What is the purpose for writing these teachings? What was the intended audience? What significance does this passage have? Within this passage there is a small amount of bias. The author is writing about the Buddha’s teachings and gives the impression that the Buddha is very wise. They suggest that his teachings should be…show more content…
Looking past the pitfalls that bias can lead to, let’s address what this passage can reveal. First of all we can see that people of this area and the writer must have realized that life is not fun or enjoyable. They must have had a much more negative view of life because the teachings of the Buddha states “The world is full of suffering.” It also states that the root of all suffering is desire, as shown here “If desire, which lies at the root of all human passion, can be removed, then passion will die out and all human suffering will be ended.” This belief can show that the author was trying to get the audience to take a more inactive thoughtful way of life instead of a passionate lifestyle full of exploit. These teachings were written by a type of people that were more mind centered rather than warlike and physical. The passage shows that the author tried to live a much calmer lifestyle, if he followed his own writing. Many peoples throughout history had extravagant goals to gain land, wealth, and power, but these teachings focus on gaining higher thought process along with a much less activity driven way of life. This makes this passage significant in that it gives an alternate spiritual path that any person can take. This allows the audience to be any type of person in any social level. This way of life being taught is not exclusively for anyone special. It
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