The Team Essay

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That season had its ups and downs and despite a range of running abilities, every one of them worked diligently to maximize their individual potentials. The one thing that they had brought along for me from the previous team’s mentality was the mantra that above all else, “the team came first.” It was a mindset that I had hoped would exist and one that would provide a strong foundation in the coming years, both in cross country and track. As the season progressed, the confidence level rose and the team’s success did as well. The dividends of a more sensible training program were also evident as everyone on the team continued to improve and became more and more accepting of these new training ideas. So much so, that during the middle of…show more content…
With only three runners that could finish near the top ten or twelve finishers, I knew unless the rest of the team, who had never experienced the pressure of running in a state championship could run over a minute faster than they had all year, we were unlikely to finish in first place. Nonetheless, that didn’t prevent me from looking to the future. For the top three runners, I set up a race plan as if they actually had a chance to win the team title. I wanted them to mature and have the experience of battling with the race leaders, so that next year, competing in a state championship was almost like second nature. For the other three people on the team, I set up a plan for them to hopefully run their best times of the year with absolutely no mention of winning the team championship. In the back of my mind, I was also looking at gaining them experience with handling the pressure of that level of competition. The results went about as planned. The top three runners for the team finished in 9th (Billy Preston), 10th (Brian Laguerre), and 11th (Mike Charron) while two of the other three set PR’s for the distance. The team finished in third place which immediately became the team’s motivation for the following year. The other motivation to achieve future success occurred for me during the pre-race warmups and became my own personal incentive. It is also
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