The Team Report On The Business Model Canvas

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This research, the 1st team report on the role play project, has focused on the business model canvas. The results achieved from the research are listed below:
1. It’s a tool for improving the value chain of the business.
2. It’ the tool that’s used to visualize the business.
3. Helps to solve the problems facing the business.
4. Help to build an efficient & effective customers segments.
5. Manages the relationships with customers to establish a brand loyalty that emerges from competition.
6. Help to manage the costs of business & expenditures. Hence, delivers the values the customers expect from the business.
7. It summarizes & outlines the business activities & focuses.
8. The model helps to create value for customers to be able to find the required resources such as, financial resources, human resources & physical resources.
9. Helps to establish network with external partners. and guarantees the sustainability of the relationship.
10. Helps to locate outlets needed to deliver the products to customers.

The research has, also, discussed customer development to be able to answer the question which has been, always, in my mind, why each company should deal with customer development. The answers for the above question are as follows:
1. It avoids focusing on working & spending money on structuring things
2. Acquire the opportunities to build the valuable products for the end user.
3. Sets up the ideas to know what are the customers issues and what are their…
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