The Team Start Up Guide

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The Team Start Up guide has been prepared to give some guidance to Team Leaders and/or Sponsors working with newly-formed teams. These steps have been used successfully, in part and in their entirety, with different types of teams. For best results, we recommend that a block of time be set aside for this activity when a team first begins meetings. The Start Up guide will take a team through the first steps of its process in which the goal is “Defining the Project’s Purpose and Scope. The Start Up will also establish a healthy foundation for the team’s work. Products of this stage include: • A clear and common understanding of the team’s charter • Ground rules and operating procedures • Defined roles • A vision of the desired outcome •…show more content…
Planning the Start Up Meeting If the Team Leader and Sponsor is to be effective, they should meet in advance to discuss the team, its make up, and its task. Be sure to inform each other of any potential problem areas or sensitive issues that the team is to tackle and discuss how you might handle them. The Sponsor should begin by asking, “Tell me about your team”, or “tell me about your project” to gain a sense of what the leader requires. Review this package together and explain what you expect to do. Based on your discussion, develop and select the questions for data gathering exercise. Discuss the agenda regarding methods, tools, and responsibility of materials, set-up and leadership. And, of course, the Team Leader and Sponsor should establish ground rules for how they will work together. Room Preparation The Team Start Up requires a space large enough to hold the team and several flipcharts and allow team members to move around freely. You team will be using flip charts so there should be adequate wall space to hang the flipchart papers. The following materials might be needed: • Flipcharts and lots of paper • Have pens/pencils available • Plenty of water based markers in a variety of colors • Tape • Name/Tent cards (Optional if everyone knows each other) Post a “Parking Lot” for potential solutions, future action items, and other concerns that will be addressed at a later date. The Team Start Up Meeting At this stage all players introduce themselves, the
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