The Techniques Of Gene Therapy Essay

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Gene therapy is a technique that is used to cure diseases, and to stop malfunctioning genes from producing the disease in humans. Gene therapy involves introducing normal functioning genes into a sequence containing malfunctioning genes, which either stop or hinder the production of important proteins or cells needed in the body. Doctors are able to cure diseases, and may soon be able to prevent diseases, by taking copies of the DNA sequence with the malfunctioning gene, and inserting a better working gene into the DNA sequence, which will then provide the cells with the correct amount of proteins that it needs to carry out bodily processes. The most common techniques of gene therapy used in order to cure severe combined immunodeficiency diseases are, Restriction enzymes, PCR, DNA sequencing and Gel electrophoresis, Ligation and viral vectors. These four techniques allow scientists to insert functioning normal genes into the area causing the disease, and produce the correct amount of proteins needed to cure humans.

Restriction Enzymes:

The first process used in Gene Therapy is Restriction enzymes. Restriction enzymes are used to locate the nucleotide where the mutation is occurring, as well as cut the viral genome and the new gene, so that both the new gene and the viral genome can attach together at their complimentary base pairs. These enzymes locate specific sequences of bases in order to make either a jagged cut at a specific point on the DNA, called ‘sticky ends’, or
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