The Techniques of Effective Written Communication

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In this course, I learned about several techniques for effective written communication. The first skill was how to compose emails that convey neutral news. The second important skill I learned was about how to compose an email or letter that conveys bad news. These are two very important communications skills that transfer to any business sector. First, I learned about the best ways to compose emails or letters that convey neutral or neutral-good news. These emails are important for conveying pertinent information in a way that garners the attention of the reader. A neutral email can be similar to a memo in that they alert the reader about upcoming events or issues. However, the writer needs to be aware of the best way of saying things to capture the reader's attention. The opening of the email states a main idea: to signal what the letter will be about without a long-winded introduction. The opening sentence is like the "in reference to" part of a memorandum. It can be just one sentence long, just enough to tell the reader what the email is about so that it does not get tossed into the trash. For example, the writer might want to say something like, "this email is in response to your question about"¦" The body of the email provides details about the central subject. Because an email conveying neutral news must be to the point and brief, the details will not take up much space. However, they should be presented in an easy-to-read format, which may mean using bold type,
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