The Technological Advancements Of The World

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Global awareness describes the relevant knowledge of diverse cultures and includes the understanding of how these cultures impact the world through various aspects such as “environmental, social, cultural, political, and economic relations” (Caldwell Community College and Technical Institute, 2014, para. 1). Knowledge of global affairs is extremely important in order to better understand how to interact with and to communicate with peoples from differing backgrounds throughout the ever-changing anthropological landscape. This knowledge also helps to familiarize individuals regarding dilemmas that have global implications. The democratization of technology has helped to make its users more globally aware in order to help address the…show more content…
The Internet began as a series of linked computers originally available only to the military, and has since spread to all users throughout the world. With the birth of the Internet, various communication implementations have been developed to utilize the vast potential of these interconnected computers. The term information and communications technology (ICT) has been given to these technological advancements and encompasses various devices which range from the television to computer and network hardware. The term ICT encompasses the software and all applications which power these devices as well (Ion, 2012). One of the many benefits of information and communications technology has been to satisfy the human necessity for interaction and communication with other human beings. Through this world-wide interconnectedness, humans now have the ability embrace the many unique cultures of the world without leaving their own environments.
Due in large part to the advancements in ICT, the world we live in has become one large sprawling community. Through the use of the Internet and various communication tools such as online exchange programs, students can learn about the different cultures which help them draw parallels to their counterpart students located around the world. As Kenneth Carano and Michael Berson argue in their article on “Geographic literacy and cultural awareness
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